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Keyboard in the way

A very fun game, except ever since I upgraded to the iPhone X my keyboard is in the way and it won’t let me scroll or put it down so I can’t see or answer half of the questions. 😞

Way too many ADS!!!!!

I really do love the trivia game. I just really hate the darn ads. There was so many, that I deleted the game. But then I downloaded it again. Because it is a really fun game.

Gone downhill

Too many ads it’s annoying and games constantly expire.


Es adictivo y ayuda a obtener nuevos conocimientos


Never had a problem with it until now but I’m getting several ads play in the middle of a match. Not gonna bother playing if I can’t get enough time to give my answers

Can’t use Google keyboard

Fun game and no issues with the Apple keyboard. But, when using the Google keyboard, the categories don’t shift up above the keyboard on the first round, meaning I can’t see the bottom two categories. This prevents me from answering those two on the first round of my turn every time. Would be five stars if that was fixed.

More garbage from voodoo

When you spend more time watching ads than you do actually playing the game, it’s time to get rid of the app. Add the fact that it accepts nonsensical answers like “foot” for metric units of measurement, and you have a pretty useless piece of junk.


A mongoose does not lay eggs. It asked me what lays eggs that start with the letter M and one of the answer choices was a mongoose.... I think whoever made this game needs to do research before asking questions like this. Spaghetti Monster is not a religion!! I put Sikh and it switched to Spaghetti Monster and gave me a point....

First one is better

Don’t waste your time on this one. I wish they would have kept the same concept from Fight List 1. Limiting the selection to one letter is frustrating and not enjoyable.


Love playing this game..challenging me to expand my vocabulary and think on my feet! Ads are annoying. Players are slow

Too many ads

Everything you do has an ad connected to it and one even pops up sometimes in the middle of the game ugh...need more categories and they need to learn spelling!

Not fare

I got this game and I’m 12 and some people don’t have Facebook accounts and it’s dumb that they make you have to use one

Language difference

If the opponent starts the game in french for example, when my turn comes the game should change to my preferred language say english. But the game shows my turn as well in french which is not fair.

Fight List is awesome! But-

I love fight List a lot but I think there are too many ads. There is an ad after nearly every round, which is very annoying because you always want to find out who wins, and then you have to wait another 15-30 seconds to see who won, which is really annoying. Also when I’m playing my friends, when they finish the round, it often says it’s their turn still, when it’s not. I don’t know if it’s an accidental glitch or what, but it’s annoying. But fight list is still an awesome game so good job Voodoo!


This is the best thing that has ever happened to me!

Wrong answers

Marvel studios film, they listed Superman. Superman is DC. Should check facts. What other wrong answers are you taking in?

Offensive Catagories

How DARE you put “Countries Where Same-Sex Marriage is Legal” as a category. How DARE you! You are disrespectful to me and offensive to my Asian beliefs and I demand you take down that category right now! That is an impossible category to know and I had a letter and put every country in existence with that letter and got NONE of them right. You IDIOTS.

Over. It.

I have been playing this game for months, and loved it at first...Scatergories is one of my favorite board games so when I came across a similar online one I was super happy. A couple weeks into it my feelings changed. I have trouble syncing games, the ads are long and you can’t skip them, the answers are inconsistent and some are quite incorrect and far fetched, crashing, pop ups with “You won a new iPhone” spam, notifications not showing up, and now recently I cannot earn the free daily coins as well as it keeps messing with my coin balance. I will open the app, have 250 coins, play one round not using any and when it’s back on the home page my balance shows zero, close out and come back in and i have 70, etc. I am beginning to hate this game....the only thing that keeps me playing is that I have “met” a couple cool people that I keep chatting with and playing matches. Not worth your time!!


I really loved this app, and I was very much addicted to the game; BUT it keeps crashing on me. I can’t even play a fair game with anyone because it gives me a score of zero once the app shuts down on me in the middle of the game.


How in the world did the makers of this game allow the category of “Things A Woman Like About A Man” (yes, that is actually the title, grammar issues and all) to come into being? The first time I saw, I didn’t think anything of it. Now it pops up in every game, and spoilers - the answers are things like “money,” “power,” “wallet, and “muscles.” The reverse of this category does not exist. I’m presuming the answers in “Things A Man Like About A Woman” would be “boobs,” “butt,” and “quiet.” Ridiculous.

It’s straight whenever drunk...

It’s a cool game. Sleekly designed and (usually) quick to play. The ads are, for now, short and skippable. The thing is, it becomes repetitive and frustrating fairly quickly when sober. However if you happen to want to play some quick drunk trivia? This is IT. You can even spit into teams and make it a huge party game. It also freezes randomly, but your answers are usually saved, but not always. Yet another quirk of the app being more enjoyable after imbibing some spirits, you won’t care.

Do better

They need to have people all over the world to approve these answers. Just a heads up guys... Texas isn’t a US city with over 200,000 people, trust me.

I like it but..

I like this but I feel like we get the same letters over and over

Bull crap answers

Answers are starting to become a little ridiculous and far-fetched.

Too many ads

Too many ads. Ads pop up after every game.

Poor execution of good concept

Great idea but its issues make it annoying to play. There’s too many ads (try just having the bar at the bottom??) and often rare answers don’t get the extra points they deserve (I said “Lilliputian” as a synonym for small and it was only one point). Also, sometimes valid answers are marked as wrong because the developers haven’t thought of enough answers. That last problem is the worst- if that wasn’t the case, I would give this game 4 stars.


The amount of ads on this app is ridiculous! It really takes away from all the great parts of this game.

Very glitchy

I love playing this game with my friends but lately it’s been very glitchy; it won’t let me rematch or start games with people.

Cyprus is not an Asian country

Whoever is making up the categories and answers for this needs to brush up on their geography because Cyprus is in the Mediterranean Sea and not part of Asia. If you’re going to make a trivia app, you should probably know what you’re talking about.

Prefer #1

I prefer #1 which allows you to do lists for one prompt. #2 is exact same set up, just with six prompts that must begin with a pre-selected letter. I find ads annoying as they are after every game, but they are quick so it’s livable.


I used a hint and it put down a curse

Love this game

This is the best trivia game I have ever played

I’m deleting

I don’t like how you have to pick a letter

Most horrible game in the world

I already played fight list 1 and now I played this and I already hate it with all my heart it glitches out EVREY TIME I GET IN THE APP it is a horrible horrible horrible horrible app do not download this please DONT because if you download this app you are so wasting your time

It’s not that great

The game is super fun to play when you buy it but after a while it gets boring. At first there aren’t many adds but it feels like the longer you play, the more ads come. AND THEY ARE AFTER EVERY ROUND! The worst part is that the ads can be majorly inappropriate! Some talk about getting pregnant with people or making out with someone or cheating on someone! And when a younger kid would try to play this, they would pop up and their parents won’t let them play the game anymore. To be honest, most of voodoos games have inappropriate ads and if they would delete those ads I wouldn’t delete the game!

Don't bother

Both Fight List games are very poorly made and not fun to play compared to other games similar to these. The massive amount of pop up ads are outrageous and there are even ads right smack in the middle of the game.. makes it ugly to experience and annoying to play. Paying $2.99 to make ads go away isn't worth the money. Don't waste your time with this game. Play Scattagories or Stop instead of this game

Way too specific

The first app was not as specific, making it more fun

WAS good

The game was very addictive, but now, after all the ads were added, it just went downhill. Uninstalling tbh, and im very disappointed.

fight list

this is a very fun game!! i love this app!! i recommend you to get it.😊

Hate it



This game is lit

Fun but issues

The concept is fun. Having an optional profile could be ok if ppl want it. I have an issue that the notifications no longer work for me on any device. (After all troubleshooting options exhausted.) Also, I would type in a word & it’s show it’s wrong in red. I make it plural, & it’s correct. However, the singular word is also correct. They need to widen their acceptable answer list.

Doesn’t work

Having same issues as many other reviewers. Ads pop up mid game where you can’t enter your responses and therefore lose each round.


For clarification, I cannot play the game. I just downloaded the game and every second it takes me alway from the game into my App Store to try and get me to download a new app. This also happens during the game. It’s frustrating! I noticed it happens on the first fight list app also.

Buggy, spam, flawed

Great concept and very fun... when it works. It sometimes flips to ads or the App Store in the middle of a timed round. It also awards higher points to some answers for no logical reason (shouldn’t more obscure answers be worth 3 points?). It also awards zero points for valid answers because the answers are not in its “database” even though they are fairly obvious choices. Some savvy programmer needs to program a functional and more advanced version of this hot mess.

Fun if it only worked right

Fun game if it only worked. Failure to synchronize means lost rounds and trouble with the ads. Fix these issues and you’d have a great app.

Ads keep popping up during game play

This game is almost impossible to play. During the round it takes you to the App Store to download different games and you have to keep going back to the game only to be taken back to the App Store.

Too many ads

I downloaded this app and instantly fell in love with it. The graphics are great but one thing that always pisses me off is the ads. After every round there are ads. It’s way to overdone and if there were only a couple, I would be ok with it, but every. single. time. is not acceptable.

Fun but annoying.

This game is really fun to play. The one thing I hate is that every time I go in, my coins disappear. Or anytime I watch a dumb add to get more coins, they disappear again. It’s frustrating to the point I want to stop playing and delete the app.

Wayyyyy too many ads

I love the idea of this game but it so irritating how every time I’m playing a round several ads pop up IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROUND. It’s very frustrating to have 3 ads every minute, and nobody wants to pay for the no ad version.

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