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Too many ads

Everything you do has an ad connected to it and one even pops up sometimes in the middle of the game ugh

Needs to be improved!

Just deleted the app. Too many problems with Safari opening while I was playing a game. Couldn’t type in any answers.


How can you rate this game for 12+ year olds when an advertisement pops up saying, “snapf*#k” and shows a woman fingering herself? Seriously?!? Do not download if you don’t want your kids seeing such filth.

Pop ups

I very much enjoy playing the game, however, the pop ups are becoming ridiculous. I will be in the midst of a game and the ads appear so much that I can’t type an answer. I refuse to pay $2.99. I can handle ads but this is just ridiculous. Contemplating deletion.


UPDATE: while playing a timed match, the app consistently exited out of the game... and into an ad on safari. DURING THE TIMED MATCH. The shady ads are one thing, but this is ridiculous. It’s impossible to play! —————— Really buggy. Every time I play, I’m lead out of the app -as though I clicked on an ad- without touching the screen. In general, it’s just too slow/buggy/full of ads to enjoy playing.

Ads are taking over

I enjoy this game with friends but the ads are starting to get to me. Not just one ad between each game but an ad with another ad. As of 5/16/18 the ads will pop up during the actual game! Making it impossible to play. Quite frustrating.

Fun but not worth the download

I love playing this game with my friends! It is a good way to be competitive but the ads are way too much and it’s super annoying, there are words that can be right that shouldn’t be and the worst part... ADS WILL PLAY IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR ROUND.. that’s annoying and makes me not enjoy playing

Doesn’t honor volume setting

How are you still ticking and playing sounds when the phones volume is “mute”. NOT okay!


I love this game! I play it like everyday!!


I really enjoy this game but recently I was playing and I had 200 coins, I used two hints during a round and when I came out the round, it said I had 0 coins, I’m not sure what happened but it’s very annoying to suddenly have no coins when I should have over a hundred Edit: I somehow managed to get 70 coins back despite doing nothing, I used a chrono to get more time in a round and my coins went down to 40, I then watched a video for 20 coins and and only got 10, I used a hint during a round and my coins had gone down to 0 again (from 50) You clearly have a issue with the coins and I would suggest it gets fixed asap


Good luck playing the game. You can’t click out of the ads and when you finally do it deletes your answers. I have stopped playing because it is so frustrating

Facebook Login Error

Used to play this game all the time, but recently it says I must be logged into Facebook to play when my account is already logged on to Facebook and I used to play all the time. Now I am unable to play and very disappointed.


I think that This game is great!!! This might just be my phone but I do it and then I find out that there are more questions but it won’t let my scroll down to them.😒A bit frustrating. If there is a way to do it, someone please tell me how. Other than that, the game is so much fun! Thx for making this game.😁

Seems very sketchy

I loved playing the game at first until about a week ago. Ads popped up every game and was not very enjoyable. After this it started taking me to the App Store with different apps so I couldn’t finish the game. At this point I was getting fed up with the game and tried one last time to see if it was worth it. This time it powered off my phone so I had to wait a minute to get back onto my phone. I do not suggest getting this game.

Glitches that never get fixed

Good concept, but the game has so many errors that have not been addressed. Playing with people I know, so I can see their scores, and it tells us two different things! Counts bogus words, gives wrong messages based on the scores... this game is just too frustrating to be fun


Every time I try to connect to FB, it’s connecting me to another account. ?!?!? My daughter has the same issue. Not happy and we’ve both sent help requests and not heard back yet. Also - the frequency of ads is insane! If it wasn’t so fun, I’d remove the app in a heartbeat

Too many bugs

The ads are annoying, Safari pops up in the middle of the game, failure to sync happens often, words get changed, answers are sometimes stupid or make no sense, good answers get rejected, showing that I have two games going but it’s just the results so I would like the notification to go away but it won’t. Although a fun game. Too many issues.


Super addicting and so much fun for people who just want a simple game to pass time

Blacking out

I love this game and find it very addicting a way to think outside the box. However.. in the middle of me answering the screen will go black, kicks me out of the app and every answer is a blank. It happens too much!! Never used to happen at all but I’m to the point where I’d rather delete the app and find another game then to keep dealing with the app shutting down. Please FIX!!!

Intrusive ad’s

During gameplay “congratulations” ad’s will open safari not once but multiple times a round.

The spam needs to stop.

I downloaded this game a couple of nights ago. It was great, even though I’m terrible at it. However, I went to play tonight and spam keeps popping opening up in safari every 5 seconds. It is very, very, VERY annoying. So annoying that it has made me delete the app...since being interrupted every 5 seconds stops me from actually enjoying the game.

Too many spam ads

I only rated it 5 stars so everyone can see this!!! Everytime I would go to put an answer I would get redirected to safari app for a “you’ve won a free iPhone app” and I couldn’t even answer any of them!!! I’ve had enough and I’m deleting the app!

Appears to be hacked

Great game- Until you get hijacked into a force-open transport to another browser page with a chance to win a $1000 gift card to Amazon. Super lame. Happens on both #1 & #2.

Love the app

I love the app but hate the pop ups. The ads aren’t bad. The game is a lot of fun. May have to stop playing if the pop ups continue to interrupt during my timed game.

Ok at first

I liked it at first and then it all went downhill. Way too many ads and then spam ads popping up in the middle of my game. It’s a great app but has some major issues

Too Many Ads to Enjoy the Game

I can deal with the ads after every turn, but, the pop-up ads in the middle of your turn are maddening. It happens at least 2-3 times during a turn. Used to love this game, but it’s total trash now with the ads. Deleting.

Waste of time!

I really enjoyed the first Fight List game, but recently started having a problem with Safari pop up ads interrupting me mid game. Lol, I guess I was a fool to think this one would be any different. I don’t mind the regular ads, but I cannot tolerate them messing me up in the middle of a match. I would give both of these games 5 stars if they only would do something about this problem. I will most likely end up not playing and deleting both games if not fixed in the near future. Please fix!!!!!

Pop up Ads prevent Game Play

At first I enjoyed the game, but now the pop up ads are so bad that it interferes with the game play.

Redirection to Ads

App started redirecting to pop up ads for an amazon gift card too. It does it in the middle of gameplay and nothing you can do will stop it. Deleted app and will not ever use again.

Annoying ads and click bait!!!

I understand that ads allow us to play the game for free, but this is ridiculous. I’d give it 5 stars if it didn’t constantly open click bait in safari the whole time I’m trying to play. The actual game play I like.

Not worth it

This game is fun but the ads are ridiculous. I’m okay with ads here and there but when you have the “you’ve one an iPhone” or whatever it is opening every 2 seconds, it’s not worth it. Great game and concept, but I’m deleting both of these games.

Same answer, different point values

It’s bad enough that sometimes valid answers aren’t accepted. But it’s worse when I play the same word as my opponent (with identical spelling) and get 1 point to their 3. Or when they play a word that isn’t even accurate in the category (example- the category was “Sports that require a helmet,” the letter was “P,” and my opponent played “pole vaulting.” I have never seen a pole vaulter wear a helmet 🤦🏻‍♀️) Fix these types of bugs, and I would be completely addicted. But in the meantime, it’s too frustrating and I’ll probably be deleting the app.

Wrong Answers

Stupid people write stupid answers which cost you points. Like one of the answers for a language that starts with the letter B was Brazilian.. They speak Portuguese in Brazil, not Brazilian.

Addicting game but...

I’m super addicted to this game... but the answers they accept vs. the answers they don’t accept are questionable. They do give you the ability to submit other answer options for each category which is nice. They need to build their answers up though.

Keeps crashing

Ok game but it keeps crashing and giving me a score of 0 with no chance to answer🤷🏾‍♀️

Better than the first

I think this is a good step forward for Fight List because instead of getting a topic you get a letter and five topics


While I am in the middle of playing a round with someone the game takes me to the app store and tries to get me to download something. This is VERY annoying and needs to be fixed. These graphics are ugly and horrible. I hope this game gets deleted off the app store. I am very frustrated.


This is a great game. It really makes you think and be creative if you want to win. I really enjoy it

Challenging in a good way

My daughter asked me to download this game so she can have more known people to play with. I wish we could have more than just one game being played at the same time with the same player. Fix that issue and I’ll give it higher stars. I don’t text fast which is why I prefer this game over the first Fight List.


LOVE this game but nothing is more irritating than when you’re in the middle of it and it takes you to the App Store for an ad. And then when you go back it freezes and then crashes. When it does so, it erases all answers you already had and submits it, giving you zero points!!

Great game, ads and bugs are frustrating

Regularly have to shut app down and reload due to glitches. Specifically, while in the middle of a timed game ads take over and don't let you save your answers, you then have to shut app down and you get no points as if you didn't even play your turn. Ads regularly freeze and have to shut app down as well

No help!!!

I loved Fight List 2! Would play it against friends all the time... Last weekend I had some issues with not being able to start games. I looked up some FAQ and tried it but I'm having issues with those. I've reached out to the App THREE times and have NEVER gotten any reply. Maybe getting a bad review will push someone to help me.

Are you serious

Way too many ads that are too long and there aren’t enough categories. One of the category topics is popular cat names. Why would I know that???? So in conclusion please make less ads and topic categories that people might actually have a chance of answering correctly

Annoying rerouting

I loved this game when I first downloaded it, one of the ways I connect with my friends that are far from me. Now, every time I play a round I am repeatedly rerouted to the app store until the round is over or the app force closes causing my results to be erased even after the round recorded the points. Please fix as this is extremely annoying.

Fun game!

Really enjoy this game, but you must pay for no ads. Watching the ads between games is brutal. Abs you still have to watch in order to earn coins. Also-liking on Facebook and following on Twitter is supped to earn coins but I did both and they never added them

Loading issues

It is often impossible to start a game. Even with my opponent sitting next to me the game won’t load.

Fun but keeps freezing

Fun but the screen always freezes then you can't play

Not working was fun

Was fun while it worked. Now I can’t start a game or do a rematch.

Latest update

Love the game but since the latest update it won’t let me start a new game, my daughter is also having this problem. Only other problem I have with the game is when I’m in the middle of the game I am redirected to another website. Fix these 2 issues and I’ll happily give this game 5 stars.

Need bugs fixed since recent update

Love this game it’s so fun to play with friends and with random people...that is until this last update! Now I can’t start any new games it just keeps loading...I can be in a middle of a game and it will keep jumping to ads! The only time I can play is if one of my old opponents does a rematch or a friend chooses to play me. Please get these bugs fixed and it’ll be 5 stars!!!

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